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Bap with Fried Tofu

(mostly) B.A.P; Bangtan, VIXX, BtoB, Exo, Block B, etc.

Baby : Melody : Army : ST☆RLIGHT

A normal day in the life of Moon Jongup


Take Your Son to Work DAY.
Moon Jongup a kid at heart 

Yongguk telling Zelo to face front and sit properly. 

in which junhong misheard 'hair shop' for 'sherbet'. 

Youngjae’s split personality (x)

get to know choi junhong: 1. tolerate, tolerate, and tolerate.

Happy B.A.P is my favorite B.A.P  

when leo plays hide and seek, he plays to win

MC: Daehyun are you the main character?

Youngjae’s adorable laughing (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

All of them smile and laugh normally, and then there’s Youngjae as always ….